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UX Design & Product Innovation Studio in Cambridge, UK
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What we can do for you?

Creative problem solving through design thinking and doing

UX Design & Research

  • Sketching & wireframing
  • Storyboarding & journey mapping
  • Prototyping (low- to high fidelity)
  • Usability testing (lab, remote, guerrilla)
  • Persona creation & user profiling
  • UI design & style guide design
  • Taxonomy & sitemap creation
  • Task modeling & process flow design
  • Ethnography & contextual inquiry
  • Heuristic review & expert evaluation

Digital Product Design

  • Insight extraction & gathering
  • Competitor analysis & benchmarking
  • Feature design & refinement
  • Feature assessment & validation
  • User & job story writing
  • Concept testing & validation
  • Experiment design & execution
  • Branding & tone of voice
  • Stakeholder interviewing
  • KPI definition & tracking

Startup & SME Consultancy

  • Business model design
  • Value proposition development
  • Revenue stream diversification
  • Market size evaluation
  • Need finding & assessment
  • Product strategy development
  • Project scope planning
  • Product roadmap development
  • Product backlog management
  • Marketing stack building

How do we work?

By good design, we mean good business

We launched Tadaptive to support startups and SMEs from various industries, that want to be sure their digital assets are usable, useful, powerful and delightful. As a dedicated team, we follow a heavily user-centered design approach by putting users at the heart of our design process.

Throughout our work we strive to add value that is sustainable over time. We believe that the best design is the one that focuses on real problems and issues that matter. Our endless curiosity and commitment to deliver quality makes us to handle each project with special care and always go for the extra mile.

We create digital experiences by blending design thinking with systems thinking. We are keen on delivering design solutions that are original, sustainable, yet straightforward and practical to all. We believe that design should be informed by evidence based user needs, uncovered desires and expectations.

Who we are?

We work hard, and try to be nice to people

A team of 2 full-time designers, creatives, strategists and marketers,
with over a decade of experience in SaaS, web and mobile design.

Daniel Tovisi

UX Designer & Consultant

Design professional with 10+ years experience, freelance and consultancy roles in UX design, digital product design, UX research, previously in digital marketing. A blend of creative problem solver & strategist.

Daniel Tovisi is a sole trader registered with HMRC, trading as "Attila Daniel Tovisi - Tadaptive"

Tunde Szentes

UX Designer & Illustrator

With vast digital experience, I create user focused deliverables, having a keen eye for aesthetics and details. I am dedicated to create excellent UI design work by translating the prototypes into high fidelity visuals.

Tunde Szentes is a sole trader registered with HMRC, trading as "Tunde Szentes - Tadaptive"

It might be you....

Courious & passionate

Who we have worked with?

Promising early-stage startups & thriving small businesses

Top-notch agencies & well-versed development companies

... and many others, who, for some reason, didn't make the list

How can we help you?

We are based in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Send us a message at hello[at]tadaptive[dot] or on LinkedIn.